1. Full payment is required upon confirmation of an agreed date with the representative of Buckles Memoirs.

2.  Fast track service within a 24 hour period attracts  an extra fee of 100% of your preferred package, while a  3 days notice attracts 50% fee.

3.  We are strict with our shoot time as this is not a walk in studio. Also, we respect the privacy of all our families hence every extra hour comes at a cost of N10,000 per hour. If your shoot is for 12:00 noon, we only have the grace of 30 minutes delay, after which your extra hours start counting. This will be signed off by the customer before the shoot, and paid before delivery of pictures.

4. If you are  scheduled for a morning shoot, we cannot give extra hours into our afternoon session as this would clash with another family's time. For afternoon sessions, please note that the studio  officially closes at 6:00pm, and we would not be  doing extra hours.

5. Our sessions run for 4 hours. This allows your child wear as many outfits as you want. Despite this, note that the number of images for your preferred package remains unchanged. Extra images come at a price: CHILD (N40,000 edited or unedited) ADULT/ FAMILY (N75,000 edited or unedited)

6. Post Production takes at least 14 days after shoot (excluding Sundays). For other packages (covering of events and albums) post production takes 4 weeks.

. Cancellation of date/week of shoot  attracts a 50% non-refundable fee.

8. Movement of dates is subject to Buckles Memoirs' date availability.

9. No Licensing or usage for whatever reason, be it commercial or for personal purpose is permitted until Licensing/Usage payments are received in full. These works are ART and they are fully copyrighted and trademarked under the Toun Lawal trade name and Buckles Memoirs Trade name.

10. Buckles Memoirs reserved full rights to the images. Images cannot be printed to be sold by client.11. If the client would want full copyright privileges, it can be transferred at a fee and should be indicated upon booking not after the shoot or after images has been delivered.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.

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