Hi, my name is Toun Lawal, and I am the masterpiece Child Photographer and Mixed Media Artist.

I run Buckles Memoirs, a family documentary company. Within it is the family and Child Art Photography service as our photography covers from pregnancy shoot through the journey of the child from newborn then family portraits. We produce our own backgrounds, creating timeless photoshoot set designs with my artistry. We help families compose their stories which is the documentary aspect of buckles memoirs and all art we create eventually becomes a tool for reflection beyond today.

We have an art gallery where art collectors can access timeless pieces from the Toun Lawal Art. My kind of artistry is unique because it nurtures the mind and helps in building a beautiful society. Welcome to my creative world and thank you for checking in. I hope you get inspired.

"How did this start?” you would ask me. 

I have realised that every of our experiences in life shapes us for the future. This eventually made more sense when I became a mum who suffered from Clinical Post Natal Depression.

On my journey to recovery, a question kept floating on my mind , “What do you love doing?” This wasn’t exactly an easy question to answer for it made me examine my purpose and reason for existing . In all of this, one thing stood out clear, my art and my love for humanity anchored my thought. I come from a lineage of creatives who are tremendously gifted in making handmade artworks and this tradition was pivotal on my journey of self-discovery. 

Something powerful happened to me on my hospital bed, while mother and daughter were separated, my sister walked to my bedside and showed me a picture of my daughter, That was it for me. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, her hair was so curly I could almost feel it through the pictures. That one image gave me straight to fight for me.

I wanted to tell stories and right there in the hospital, while I was still recuperating after the delivery of my child, I declared that I would tell my birth story to my child.

I would teach her how to use reflections to move on in life. I would let her understand thoughts are things are we constantly create our own life and that the highs and lows in life are what makes it a place of living. She would come to know that every challenge is here for her to face and learn from. I would teach her my values, the lessons I have learnt and my experience over time ensuring that the "why" behind all this is clear. I would make her understand how priceless love for humanity is and the freedom it brings to the soul. She would learn this and my generations to come would learn from this too —this eventually becomes the milestone documentary of Buckles Memoirs Nigeria, using images and the power of words. 

Do you now see there was no mistake in my journey? I had to go through that darkened tunnel so that I could find my light. 

My declaration for my child, Safiyyah, would then make me serve other families. I would be creating reflections for families knowing it is the foundation of every society. 

With my reflections, I would be leaving a legacy that helps families preserve their memories, values, and experience while giving their entire generation a tool for reflection to keep them going.

As an artist, oh yes! Fine Art was the only subject I passed effortlessly from childhood. So here at Buckles, I create timeless set designs for photoshoots and also have an amazing collection in the Toun Lawal Art gallery. 

I had to learn Photography because I needed great Images to compliment our documentaries (telling family stories). 

You would also know me as a a family advocate as i understand the power of unconditional love for positive parenting and its impact on the child and the society.

I was the child who was abused through high school after being exposed to children who lacked love and had never experienced positive parenting. This triggered my Post Natal Depression, and birthed Buckles Memoirs. 

Not many people are that lucky, but with my voice, we would fix it from childhood and inspire the abused that they can rise above their past as they learn to live their purpose.

I believe the greatest lessons in life are learnt through reflections of our past and wearing a positive attitude to receiving the lessons it carries. No matter where your child goes in future, no matter their condition, all they just need to do is to reflect on their journey because they would have been inspired by their origin and find the courage to live while finding their purpose.

I would love to term it “Mind Education” because I believe every family has a story the children must learn from. That is what the Buckles Memoirs Documentary comes to serve — to inspire.

To You, I am the Photographer, Set Design Artist, Writer, Author and Advocate.

To My family, I am a creative junkie with two adorable girls and an amazing husband.

I am a trained Avionics Engineer and art caught up with me.

Toun Lawal Art became a registered trademark in June of 2018. Since then, it has been captured by Buckles Memoirs through mind-blowing photography. 

Also trademarked are our works which are covered by copyright.

All works remain the sole property of Toun Lawal Art.

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