Photography is a very beautiful journey. However, without the right direction, it could be super hectic adventure. 

I know a lot of starters who are passionate about photography often wonder how these beautiful images are achieved. I understand this curiosity because I didn’t earn the skill overnight. 

It took years of hard work, learning and determination to arrive here today. 

Over the years, I have documented my experience as I journeyed into the craft. This has now birthed an amazing book: A Rookie’s Guide To Photography

If you are just starting out and looking to grow fast in the art, I strongly recommend you get this wonderful book. You don’t have to make some basic errors.

 This book is here to be a light on your path towards being a superb photographer.

About Toun Lawal

My Life Purpose is to help families see the beauty of their journey and the lessons within the pendulum life swings at them. This would help them cultivate the habit of faith and believe nurturing beautiful minds for a great society

I would achieve this with Great and Timeless Set Designs, Quality Photography and my ability to see through their journey and tell their story using Buckles Memoirs. There is no mistake in life. What you give Energy to is what happens.
Life is a Vibration