a blessing screams from the womb

a smile rises on our faces like the sunrise at dawn

  is there a beginning as beautiful as this

  when an offspring blooms from the family tree?

At Buckles Memoirs, we believe the birth of a new life is special moment. We understand the joy related with this moment cannot be fully expressed or understood. To see one’s seed spring forth in flesh is simply a miracle.

For us at Buckles, we believe this extraordinary event should be captured in an artistic and unique fashion— through photography. Moments like these often portray the pulchritude of innocence and delicateness. 

By doing so, parents can relive these exceptional moments again and again. For the child, this gives him/her an insight to his/her being, history and journey.

Giving a child the opportunity to see his/her infancy is a timeless gift, and at Buckles Memoirs, we create TIMELESS ART.

Kindly contact us so we can create priceless memories for you and your child: