Experience the richness of our handcrafted backgrounds, Patience to create your images and empathy to document your stories as a powerful tool for reflection”

“You can outgrow all your material things however, the Art we create at Buckles Memoirs would forever increase in value”

Toun Lawal shares the vision of Buckles Memoirs and how its a tool for positive reflection

“Our Art is for mind education. It speaks to the subconscious part of you that drives who you are. Call it the energy that keeps you going. It is priceless and worth the investment”

“Mistakes help us grow, Your Children and generations to come can be empowered with your resilience to keep going”

“What you focus on is what you attract to yourself. Think positive thoughts only”

Buckles Memoirs: Art & Photography

Buckles Memoirs is a Family Documentary Company where art meets photography. We create our own original artistic looking backgrounds, capture children and growing families from pregnancy, and also write their amazing family story. We also have a rich collection of art pieces created by the Toun Lawal Art Gallery.

At Buckles, we believe the greatest lessons in life are learnt as a reflection of our past experiences. Life happens, the good side and the not so good side. We are also convinced that there is so much beauty to take away from every experience so our children and generations to come can learn from it. This is what we call REFLECTIONS. From the images we create, to the stories we tell, we use our art to nurture great minds to unapologetically live their purpose.

We achieve this goal in three steps. First is the Toun Lawal Art, a registered trademark where I get to create authentic set designs with only one thing in mind — Timeless Art. All photoshoot set designs you see here are custom-made, and are my original work. This is an expression of my mind, understanding who I want to capture, the outfits, and a lot more. In essence, I create set designs using all available material. This is ART!!!

The next step is the PHOTOGRAPHY. The amount of thought and action that goes into creating these very beautiful set designs are so wonderful. Knowing this, it becomes the standard not to ignore the quality of my final image. I am most gifted with patience — a skill my parents will gladly tell you about. Little wonder I fell in love with the time consuming process of creating wonderful images— especially for children. 

Who doesn't love a great Family Portrait? I capture children right from the Pregnancy Shoot of their mum, and follow through with the growing family portrait. I do Newborn Sessions, Milestones etc. As a child photography expert, you can be rest assured I possess the required skill to handle your child regardless of his/her temperament. We are also dedicated to delivering only great quality images as we understand its impact and value to the family.

The icing on the cake is the storytelling aspect of our service. This is the MILESTONE DOCUMENTARY put together by Buckles Memoirs. Did you read earlier about us understanding your EXPERIENCE? Yes!!! That's one gift I took away as a survivor of clinical Post-Natal depression. I would sit down to understand your experience over time, the lessons you have learnt, and the values you stand for as a family. With my knowledge of your journey, I would use your images to tell your story, and this becomes a powerful tool for reflection. Trust me, all you need is look back and see the beauty of your journey. 

I sell REFLECTIONS and it's a LIFETIME gift.



To create a masterpiece of art for families across the world, helping them nurture great minds to live their highest self.


  • Handcrafting backgrounds to capture the journey of families right from pregnancy to help them own a masterpiece of Art. [ ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY]
  • Understanding Family values, experience, life lessons then using their images to tell their story and create a tool for reflection serving generations. [TEXT BASED OR POETRY BASED DOCUMENTARY]
  • Creating Art through other mediums on canvas to nuture minds



Creating a tool for reflection for Families and generations to come. This would help relive past memoirs as their documentaries preserve their values, lessons and experience, inspiring them for the greatness they hold within.


Creativity : Innovation : Patience : Teamwork : Integrity: Responsible : Accountability : Training : Family Oriented: Customer Satisfaction : Trust

“Every soul is a reflection of everything they have experienced in life.
Fill it with love and own everlasting peace of mind”

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